Corrigendum: The Association Between the Mediterranean Lifestyle Index and All-Cause Mortality in the Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra Cohort. Hershey MS, Fernandez-Montero A, Sotos-Prieto M, Kales S, Gea A, Ruiz-Estigarribia L, Sánchez-Villegas A, Díaz-Gutiérrez J, Martínez-González MA, Ruiz-Canela M. Am J Prev Med. 2020;59(6):e239−e248.

        The editorial office has been notified of the following errors.
        The number of participants was incorrectly reported as 22,790 in two places. In the second paragraph of the Study Population portion of the Methods section, the number of participants reported should have been as follows: “From December 1999 to July 2018, a total of 22,791 participants were recruited.” Likewise, the first box of the Appendix Figure 1 flowchart should have read as follows: “n=22,791 Participants recruited up to July 1, 2018.” The article has since been corrected online.

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