Supplement Program

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM) offers a supplement program to interested sponsors.

Procedure for Proposing a Sponsored Issue
Frequently Asked Questions

Supplement issues are stand-alone issues focused on a specific topical area. Supplements are printed in addition to AJPM’s regular issue.

Associated Costs for Supplement Issues

Fees for supplements are composed of two costs: 1) editorial office fees associated with administering and managing the issues, and 2) publication fees from AJPM’s publisher, Elsevier, Inc.

Supplement costs are based on the number of published pages. Issue prices can vary depending on factors such as page count, administrative costs, and reviewer honoraria, among others. Contact AJPM for pricing information.

Procedure for Proposing a Sponsored Issue

To propose a supplement, please contact Jillian B. Morgan, MPH, AJPM Managing Editor, at [email protected] or 734-936-1590. The following information will be requested:

  • Topic/title of issue
  • Contact person
  • Brief overview of proposed issue, including a statement about how the topic is of importance to AJPM’s readership
  • Names of proposed guest editors
  • Draft table of contents for issue, which includes:
    • Article title/topic
    • Proposed lead author
    • Article type: see author instructions on for article types (e.g., research manuscript, review article, etc.)
    • Brief abstract for each article
  • Sponsorship information: name of funding source (government, non-profit, or commercial)
  • Target publication date, if applicable

Once this information is received, it will be presented to AJPM’s Editor-in-Chief for approval. If approved, the following steps will occur:

  1. Letter of understanding/intent drafted: A letter of understanding will be drafted by the AJPM editorial office to outline the administrative fees.
  2. Guest editors for the supplement issue will be formally appointed by the AJPM Editor-in-Chief. AJPM provides a $1,500 honorarium to guest editors. Most supplement issues have 2 to 3 guest editors, one of which may be jointly identified by the issue sponsor and AJPM. The roles of guest editors are to solicit papers from authors, ensure papers are submitted and revised according to the agreed-upon publication timeline, identify peer reviewers, and work closely with the AJPM editorial office throughout the referee and production process. Guest editors will be identified on the cover of the issue.
  3. A task timeline will be established according to the target publication date. In general, publication timelines range from 8 to 18 months, depending on whether the papers have been written. If papers are ready to be forwarded for peer review, the overall timeline is closer to 8 months; if the sponsor is approaching AJPM with an idea but no papers written or research done, the timeline is closer to 18 months.
  4. All supplement articles will undergo external peer review overseen by an AJPM Editor (Associate Editor or Editor-in-Chief), who will make a final decision on all articles. Supplement articles are subject to the same stringent ethical and quality standards as original article submissions. The AJPM editorial office will work continuously with the guest editors/contact person throughout the peer review and production process to ensure supplement issues are developed in an efficient manner and produce high quality articles.
  5. Following publication of the supplement, the AJPM editorial office and/or Elsevier will issue a final invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all proposals for supplement issues accepted by AJPM?
No. The AJPM Editor-in-Chief determines whether a proposed supplement is appropriate for AJPM. In some cases, the topical area may not fit the journal’s scope. In other cases, the editorial team must consider the topics of other approved supplement issues, as the journal aims to publish issues on a variety of topics each year. Topic, article types, timeliness of the research, and interest to AJPM readers are among the criteria considered by the editors when a proposal is submitted.

What do the fees cover?
The Elsevier per-page fee, set contractually with the AJPM Governing Board, covers the expense of publishing the supplement, including printing and mailing the issue, as well as online delivery and dissemination. The editorial office fee covers staff time to coordinate development and production of the issue, and honoraria for guest editors and peer reviewers for supplement issues.

Will I have an option to purchase reprints of articles in supplement issues?
Yes. Each supplement has the following options for purchase: extra copies of the issue, Open Access, and press release.

How soon should I contact the editorial office to discuss a supplement?
As soon as you have an idea for an issue a funding source to sponsor the issue. AJPM editorial office staff will help you think through the best way to develop your supplement and project publication timelines. Advance notice also helps the editorial office schedule your issue into the production timeline.

What happens if my organization commits to a supplement issue but is unable to obtain the enough papers to fill a supplement?
There is no minimum number of papers to fill a supplement.

Do manuscripts submitted for supplements follow the same peer review process as manuscripts regularly submitted to AJPM?
Yes. All articles associated with a supplement must undergo the standard peer review process. Some papers submitted for supplement issues may be rejected depending on the feedback provided by peer reviewers and the quality of the revised manuscript submitted by the authors.